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The VR Comic Book Reader. A new method to experience comics — in vivid grand scale and convenience

The VR Comic Book Reader. A new method to experience comics — in vivid grand scale and convenience

Going into the

We are building a world that is post-screen enhance exactly how we communicate with technology

Energy apps within one area, made for VR and AR

A comfortable and concentrated environment

Efficiency via freedom from little displays

Beginning with a VR Comic Book Audience

Is a space of immersive utilities beginning with a real way to learn comics

Comic pages as striking life-sized murals

Convenience by devoid of to keep any such thing up to manage

Immerse in a distraction-less environment

Colors for the sky change to fit the comic

Sharp and detailed to nearly appear 3D

Sharp, Vivid, and Immersive

We have taken great care in presenting the pages of a comic guide as razor-sharp, vivid, and immersive while they have actually ever been.

“Experiencing it in VR, especially that great artwork only at that scale, is amazing. It is like taking a look at a film poster or artwork in a gallery.”

A comfy and smooth experience that is reading

No gimmicks, a reading that is smooth needing just your thumb. Chill regarding the settee or lay during sex.

“The sessions we spent into the software are the longest sessions that are unbroken have experienced in selfiebbw VR, since it’s simply super comfortable.”

Sync Comics Over the Air

Study and move your library that is comic wirelessly the Supermedium friend application

Start the software on your computer, add files, and yours comics is obtainable in VR to download read and.

Install Companion App at itch.io

Featured Indie Comics

Very first problems among these indie that is amazing are featured for free in Supermedium.

Blackbird by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel. In this fantasy that is neo-noir Nina Rodriguez is good that a key magic world ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just under the veneer of Los Angeles.

The Weatherman by Jody Leheup, Nathan Fox. The future’s just hope has a zero % opportunity.Nathan vibrant had all of it: an girlfriend that is awesome a kick-ass dog, anda task given that no. 1 weatherman on terraformed Mars. Nevertheless when he’s accused of carrying out of the worst terrorist assault in history, a conference that killed most people in the world, Nathan becomesthe target of a manhunt that spans the galaxy. Can Nathan truly beresponsible for such a horrific criminal activity? And exactly why can’t he remember? A full-throttle, wide-screen, technology fiction epic from Jody LeHeup(SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!) and Nathan Fox (Dogs of War) aboutthe damage done within the true title of justice and just what it undoubtedly means tobe redeemed…you don’t want to miss out the WEATHERMAN! Instagram and Twitter.

Browse and buy more problems of Blackbird plus the Weatherman on comiXology if you love them!

Developer Log

16 2020 september

VR App Modify (Antialiasing)

September 12 2020

Brand New Variation Released (PDF Help)

Brand New Beta Versions Released

Updates, Nevertheless Taking Care Of Polish and Harsh Edges

Currently Improving PDF Support

Companion App Speed Increase, PDF Help

Exactly why are you building a book reader that is comic?

Our “grand eyesight” is a space that is VR of utilities centered around convenience, focus, and freedom from tiny displays. We began with a comic book audience because we saw some excitment away from our very early prototypes of resources we built (age.g., a guide audience and Reddit client). Into the final end, we should build a thing that makes a VR headset worth wearing day-to-day.

What’s the distinction between the demo plus the complete form of the software?

Into the demo, it is possible to read one top-quality showcased comic 100% free and browse the first ten pages of of your electronic comics. Utilizing the version that is full you are able to read from our collection of free comics and completely read your entire own comics.

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